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In the beginning, billboard advertising was generally local. Merchants painted signs or glued posters on walls and fences to notify the passersby that their establishments up the road sold horse blankets, rheumatism pills, and other useful items. Today the idea is the same, but the technology has changed. Ortwein can create a custom billboard using LED equipment, single or multi-face structures that use the latest technology and billboard advertising concepts.

For advertisers looking to build a strong brand image, or those looking to simply reinforce an established brand, billboards deliver a high amount of viewer recall. By working a strong and memorable visible image into the fabric of people’s daily lives, advertisers can achieve a presence in the consciousness of consumers by utilizing billboard advertising.

Do Billboards Work?

I’m sure you have passed a billboard before on your way to work or school and thought to yourself, “Do people even pay attention to these things?” If so, you’re definitely not alone. In today’s technology-based world, people tend to focus on their devices rather than the world around them. However, one thing that will never change is the fact that people have to leave their home to go to work, school, or running mundane errands. This simple reason alone is why billboard advertising still works.

The Billboard Audience

On average, Americans drive 29.2 miles per day, making two trips with an average total duration of 46 minutes. This and other revealing data are the result of a ground-breaking study currently underway by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the Urban Institute. This means 46 minutes of time for people to see your advertisements while they’re on their way to their destination. While people might think that they are not affected by billboards and their messages, if they drive by the same billboards everyday, the repetition of billboard advertising starts to have an impact on consumer spending and brand awareness.

Billboards the Right Way

Are you considering a billboard for your business now? There are surprisingly a lot of details that go into making an effective billboard advertisement. You need to think about location for solid exposure, creativity, color, and spreading the correct message. While other advertising methods, Like LED Signs, maybe be a bit more technologically advanced, billboards are a proven way to advertise and increase your sales.

Ortwein BillBoards

Ortwein is here to do all the research for your billboard advertisement for you. We can help you choose the right location for the kind of exposure you want. We can help you design the look of your billboard to make it catch the eyes of the drivers passing by. Billboards have proved as a great way to advertise for many years now, so don’t delay…Call Ortwein Sign today!

Are Billboards in Your 2020 Advertising Budget?

How will you spend your advertising dollars this year? What is the best use of this money? You might not realize that a Billboard or outdoor LED message center could be a very good use of your advertising dollars. Your boss might not know that you can have a Billboard with and LED message center built in! Here’s why you might want to consider adding a Billboard-Led Sign combo to your marketing mix.

In Chattanooga one of the downtown thoroughfares is McCallie Avenue.  McCallie Avenue averages around 13,600 vehicles a day in traffic. A busier street is that of Gunbarrel Road with approximately 29,500 vehicles per day, that’s 408,000 and 885,000 vehicles respectfully per month. If we assume that each vehicle only gets to see one message per drive by and you were to spend $50,000 on an LED Message Center or Billboard that would be the equivalent of paying $0.12 a message on McCallie Avenue and $0.06 a message on Gunbarrel Road for the 30 day period. No other type of advertising would come close to being as economical as the sign to reach that audience. Take this expense and begin to depreciate it over several years and the investment gets even better.

Since the sign is actually an asset of the company and you do get to depreciate the asset, if your company is a taxable rate of 28%; you will save $14,000 in taxes over the depreciation of the sign in addition to the great rate you are getting on your advertising.  Take a look at our IntellOFund option to aid in funding and improve your ROI.

The United States’ Small Business Administration (SBA) has stated that an LED Message Center Sign in front of a business increases the store’s entire sales volume 15-150%. If you are a $2 million business and gained a conservative 20% that would be an additional 400,000 to your topline.

Along with your unique messaging these signs can be programmed with other compelling and useful content to attract attention such as weather updates, traffic updates and news feeds to draw your viewer in. In addition to the display of the consumer service messages, the display of your audience focused content works to maximize revenues in that it influences buying behavior on the spot by making the viewer aware of the immediate opportunity going on at your location.

Move your company into the digital age with the most economic advertising available, a Billboard or outdoor LED Message Center!

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