Architects & Signage: Turning Your Visions Into Reality

Our team at Ortwein Sign can take your architectural designs from CAD drawings into reality! Over our nearly 100 years as a business, we’ve honed our expertise in all variety of signs: pylon signs, monument signs, interior signs, ADA signage, channel letters, signs with custom patina finishes, vinyl and yes even the most complex architectural signs! You can count on us to have the know-how and skills to make your vision come true!

What makes Ortwein Sign a trusted partner?

Ortwein Sign has worked with leading design firms, architects, general contractors, as well as real estate development professionals for years. We have become trusted partners and through our years of experience, gained the expertise required to be an extension of your team and provide value-added services to help maximize your project’s return on investment.

Our craftsmen bring a capability rarely found in manufacturing companies today. Our ability to creatively design and build branding elements to bring a brand and a business to life separate us from other sign companies. We also have the ability to study CAD drawings and identify where signs and branding will be most effective.

Ortwein Signs Work on Display:

901 Riverside

  • Porcelain Stone Tile around the cabinet
  • Base is stack stone
  • Pylon with channel letters

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Erlanger Pylon in Cleveland, TN

  • Nichiha architectural wall panels from the Vintage Wood series
  • Base is painted Thin Brick Veneer

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Solar Powered Sign in Cleveland, TN

  • Steel and aluminum frame
  • 3 solar panels powering internal batteries
  • Control timer to schedule illumination

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  • In-house patina processing
  • We can provide custom patina finishes on any metal
  • We can provide sample photos for various finishes
  • Patina will hold up for years and years in most environments

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