A unique, recognizable, and memorable brand is key to business success today. Your brand has to be able to attract your target audience, appealing to their emotions and convey your organization’s personality and values all at the same time.   Ortwein’s intellObrand Complete Branding solution provides the desired brand content for your business.

Ortwein enables your team to bring your brand to life across multiple mediums remaining consistent in its appearance while making use of the many different nuances of each medium. Whether creating a 100 foot tall pylon sign, custom LED, and/or neon lit marque on the front of the building to digital message boards, vehicle wraps, interior signage, and banners, Ortwein’s IntellObrand Complete Branding designers, craftsmen, and installation professionals ensure your brand is portrayed in a manner that is appealing, memorable, and effective.

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Value and Focus

The value of a brand is a difficult thing to measure.  It is easier to grasp the value by considering either the removal of brand elements or the degradation of brand assets and how these situations would effect a business.  Utilizing technology tools to design the most effective brand elements, visibility, image, longevity, and implementation considering ambient lighting, traffic count, size, placement, materials, and energy requirements are our focus.

 Additionally, we focus on growing your business.  Our focus will always be to create a brand inside and out that is transferable to additional business locations as growth occurs.  Our intent is to grow our business as yours grows.  We see this is approach as a mutual benefit of our performance based approach and culture.

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