Self-Storage Signs and Sign Needs

When customers look for a self-storage unit, they look local. That’s why it’s so important to have a sign that your future customers will easily see when they’re driving to work, to their house, or around in their community. Pylons and monument signs with your brand name, colors, and your business phone number stand out and easily convey what you’re about to your customers. At Ortwein Sign, we can help fabricate and install this signage along with all the other kinds of signs you’ll need to help your self-storage business thrive!

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Why Signs Matter

One of the first things a customer will see of your business is your sign. You want to make sure this first impression is memorable, and that your brand is well-represented along with your business name. We can work with you to provide a variety of options to achieve this, from vinyl, to pylons, digital signage, and more!

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Pylons and Monuments

Pylon and Monument signs stand tall to help attract customers near and far! Use one for your business to send a quick, effective message to potential customers.

With Self-Storage signage, simple is best! Include these essentials, but don’t overload with more information:

1. Business Name

2. Business Phone #

3. Logo/Brand Colors

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Wayfinding Signs

Whether you’re directing potential customers to your main office to rent a storage unit, or you’re directing them to their storage unit, you want to make sure you have wayfinding signage in place so they can easily find their destination.

Working with a sign company to integrate a well-developed wayfinding system is crucial when offering your customers a positive experience at your self-storage facility.

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Unit Signs

Unit signs help identify the various self-storage units at your facility. These will be important as they’ll help identify to your customers which unit is theirs.

Our team at Ortwein Sign can fabricate self-storage unit signs at scale, so if you have a small facility or a large facility we can produce and install unit signs for your needs!

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Sign Installation Services

Perhaps you’ve acquired your signs from another company but you still need them installed with a local company? At Ortwein Sign, our install team has the experience and know-how to manage installations for small and large complexes alike. Let our team work for you and your business!

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