Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Branding success doesn’t come easy. Extend your on premise branding strategy off site with Ortwein vehicle wraps and graphics, custom crafted for your organization. If your sales force carry business cards outside of your business location, why not communicate the presence of your organization, what you do, location, contact information, and do it ALL OVER TOWN. Interstate highways can have hundreds of thousands of traffic count, your company’s fleet is on roadways all day long. You’re paying to have your equipment off site, and it’s just not that much more expensive to advertise at the same time. For the number of “impressions” your vehicle will receive, the cost per impression will be one of your most effective advertising means. More people in more locations will see and identify with your brand.

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Applying Custom Vehicle Graphics

Step 1: Choose Your Vehicle

Choose the vehicle you would like to apply the vehicle graphic to, be it a car, truck, van, bus, or boat.

Once you have chosen the vehicle and purchased the custom designed graphic, the process of applying it can begin.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Vehicle is Dry

You want the vehicle graphic adhesive to stick on your vehicle for a long time, if it is wet it will dilute the adhesive. End result you could be taking years off the sticking power of your vehicle graphic.

Step 3: Size Up your design

Before removing the backing, make sure you size up your vehicle graphic with the design of your vehicle. The recommended way is to tape it to the vehicle so that can you can step back and see how the design looks on the vehicle.

Step 4: Place Your Design

Remove half the backing and begin to gently apply the vehicle graphic in its proper place. Run your hand in a line smoothing out the edges as you work your way back to the other half. If there is a crease use the side with the backing to slowly lift the adhesive away for the vehicle before peeling the crease out, then start again. You can save yourself lots of headaches by having an air release tool for those pesky air bubbles that will ruin your perfect sign.

Ortwein Sign Vehicle Wraps

You can have the professionals at Ortwein Signs apply your vehicle graphic, which means you’d get to skip steps 2 through 4. Not only do we at Ortwein custom make your sign, we also apply them as well. The only way to make sure your vehicle graphic is applied properly is to let us at Ortwein Signs do it.