Monument Signs

A business failing to fully capitalize on the opportunity to build monument signs at their locations, is like throwing money away. On busy streets of business districts, how do you get your organization to become more noticeable, more memorable and ideally, a landmark used by people in the area for directions and of course, to find your location?  A custom crafted, unique monument sign or group of monuments can get the job done! It is an investment with the highest advertising return on investment of any other option.

Ortwein’s uniquely creative sign design personnel are the difference. We combine an deep understanding of color, shape, visibility, construction techniques, and architectural design to craft your organization’s advertising landmark.

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Why Monument Signs?

For an independent retail or service business, a monumnet sign may be the sole point of external contact with potential customers. In therory, the less visible and readable the sign of a small business is, the less effective it is as an advertising tool, which may hinder the ability of the business to compete.

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Get your Business noticed with a Monument Sign

To fully sell your business the best way to get a return on your investment is a monument sign. Most monument signs are affordable and create a memorable advertisement to drive customers to your business.

Monument signs can answer the question, “how do you get your organization to become more noticeable, more memorable and to find your location? Here are 4 ways to achieve this goal.

Make it Unique

All companies have signs, so to make your sign stand out you need to give it a twist. Your monument sign should be more than just a name; it should show off your brand. Give it a visual component to show off that your company is different. Not sure how that works. Our custom solutions team can take care of that for you!

Make it Pop

Use the coloring of the surrounding area and make a sign that stands out. Find out where the sun is in relation to your monument sign and use that information to pick your colors. You want something that will stand out. Use the clues mother nature gives you!

Make it Memorable

You want a monument sign that people will use as the definitive piece of architecture in the area. You want people to use your sign in directions they give to other people. Not only will build your bran, but you might even create a landmark in your neighborhood.

Pick the Right Location

Your monument sign will not be shown off if it is placed behind some other big sign or if it is not placed where people will see it. Find a location for your monument sign that will shows it off. Not sure where that is or have limited choices. Don’t worry the Ortwein team can help you find the best monument sign solution for your business.