Restaurant Signs

A restaurant failing to fully capitalize on the use of restaurant signs to stand out from the competition will cost far more than the signage itself.  On busy streets of business districts, how do you get your signs to become more noticeable, more memorable and ideally, a landmark used by people in the area for directions and of course, to find your location?  Certainly, not having a sign is just not an option in these situations.  In fact, signage is the highest ROI advertising investment you can make.

Ortwein’s uniquely creative sign design personnel are the difference.  We combine an deep understanding of color, shape, visibility, construction techniques, and architectural design to craft your retaurant’s advertising landmark at one location or one thousand.

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Restaurant Signs

Ortwein’s project management and permit procurement specialists manage the needs of municipalities and businesses all over North America  We’ve successfully completed hundreds of thousands of projects all over North America as well as some on other continents.  Where can we help your organization?

Choosing a Restaurant Sign

Do you need an eye-catching custom restaurant sign to generate new business? Are you an established restaurant simply needing a brand update?

At Ortwein signs we provide many different options for custom restaurant signs, however we know there are a lot of different options out there. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five considerations when choosing signs for restaurants.

Zoning Restrictions

Many cities have limits on the size, style and even whether a sign is illuminated or not. Because of this it is important to know your restrictions before diving into choosing the best restaurant sign for you.

Consider Location

What style does your neighborhood seem to have adopted? Although you want to set yourself apart, you also want to appear to fit into your surroundings. Choosing a sign that both stands out, and blends in sounds like a contradiction, but capturing the look and feel of the neighborhood in your advertising can increase your business. Don’t be afraid to fit in while making your brand stand out!


Although the sign next door, showcasing the newly groomed Dog, with the name “No Fleez Pleez” written below is a great sign for a dog grooming business, including ‘fleez’ in your new restaurant sign probably wouldn’t be the best idea. Sure that’s an over simplification of the problem, but the point is… choosing the right messaging for your business is essential to creating customer relationships.


Also important to remember is that that simple is often better. For the best restaurant sign you should limit the graphics and words on your sign, and instead focus on highlighting the essential information, such as name and style of food. Too Many colors or graphics can cause “message blindness”.


Last, but not least. Choosing the right company to create your custom sign is important. Here at Ortwein Signs we strive to create unique custom restaurant signs that compliment your brand inside and out. Contact us at 1-866-867-9208 and let us show you how we can help.

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