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Ortwein Sign understands that hotel signs have a unique place within the industry. These wayfinding elements direct customers to the site, to the front desk for check in and to their rooms and other amenities the site offers.

When a potential customer exits a highway, or approaches a hotel, typically, there are others in the same area. How does the customer make a decision as to who to stay with? The signs outside, drawing people into the property are your business’ first impression. We want to help you provide a clean, neat, nice looking image to help that business opportunity understand that your facility is a clean, nice place to stay.

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Location is Everything

Once on the property, this customer needs to easily locate their room, an exercise facility, the front desk, a breakfast area and other amenities.  A group of interior signs that carry the hotel’s branding throughout the facility will help reinforce the impression of your brand and direct customers efficiently through the property.

Let Ortwein Sign help your business be seen with custom crafted building and pylon signage that preserve and strengthen your brand.

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Today hotel signs include anything from signs that state each of the room numbers to signs that show guests where different amenities, like a pool, are located. In order to choose the right signs for your hotel’s clientele, check out some of our frequently asked questions.

Q: Why should I invest in hotel signs?

A: Hotel signs are what set your brand apart from other hotels in the industry. If a customer has had a positive experience at your business more than likely that will look for your brand or hotel exit sign when they get off the highway to stay the night somewhere.

Q: Why should I bother getting a hotel sign that can be seen from the highway?

A: When a potential customer gets off of the highway there is usually several different hotel options. Having a clean and polished hotel sign will persuade customers to do business with your hotel verses a hotel that doesn’t have one.

Q: How do I know what kind of signs to use inside my hotel?

A: When it comes to choosing interior signs, try to put yourself in the place of the customer. Once the customer has made the decision to stay at your hotel, you want them to not only know about all of the great features they offer, but be able to find them as well! Interior signs help customers effortlessly navigate their way around your hotel!

Q: Should I use my brand on my interior signs?

A: Using your hotel’s brand or logo not only on the exterior sign of your hotel, but on the interior hotel signs reinforces your brand.

Ortwein Hotel Signs

Hotel Signs are a crucial part in ensuring your hotel’s guests have the most positive experience possible. Let Ortwein sign help to set your business aside from the rest and ensure your customers have a positive experience! For more information about our signs or complete branding solutions, feel free to send us an email or give our sales team a call at 1-866-867-9208.