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Kathy Davini

Kathy Davini

Sales Representative for Cleveland & Dayton TN

Kathy has worked in sales and merchandising for over 30 years. She has a degree in Merchandising and Marketing from the University of Southern MS. Kathy will work with customers that are building, relocating, growing or maintaining their business in and around the Cleveland area. Likewise Kathy will work with signage ranging from the big-statement outdoor signs to the smaller indoor wayfinding signs.

When Kathy’s not out helping clients with their sign needs, she enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and socializing with friends. She and her husband have a daughter at TTU and 4 dogs. Kathy loves living and working in Cleveland, and she is thrilled to work with old friends in town and to make new ones as well. “It is awesome to see how Cleveland businesses are growing and expanding every day!”

Call Kathy today at (423) 867-9208 about your next sign!

Our Services:

Ortwein Sign is a full-service sign shop! We custom build signs, install signs, clean signs, and repair signs. We do everything from monument signs to channel letters, pylon signs to church signs, restaurant signs to small business signs, architectural signs and neon signs, and more! We work with all kinds of material: vinyl, metal, and wood just to name a few.

We also handle lighting needs for your signs as well as other light services. If you need your parking lot lights retrofitted to LEDs for instance you can call us!