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Ortwein is the sign company Chattanooga trusts! We can design, manufacture, install, repair, or service any type of custom sign. Locally owned for over 100 years, Ortwein has been the #1 Chattanooga Sign Company for decades. We have two manufacturing facilities located on the TN/GA border in Chattanooga, TN. One facility is a 13,000 sq Ft. Channel Letter and Vinyl goods manufacturing facility, which also houses the Ortwein Sign Company corporate offices. Our second facility is a 26,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility for production of pylon signs, monument signs, awnings, sunshades and canopies. This much larger metal fab shop is within steps of our other facility, keeping the operational efficiency high. This facility also houses our sign face thermoforming capabilities.

Ortwein Sign services and custom builds signs for many communities including: Chattanooga, Fort Oglethorpe, Dayton, Dalton, Cleveland, and the counties of Catoosa, Dade, Walker, Marion, Sequatchie, Hamilton and more!

Case Study | Bi-Lo

Project management is a major advantage of Ortwein Sign Company’s overall value vs. it’s competitors, we take pride in ensuring the best possible outcomes for all businesses that seek our expertise while managing projects our of our 30,00 sq. Ft. Chattanooga, TN custom sign manufacturing facility.

In the summer of 2015, KVAT Foods purchased all stores owned by the company, Bi-Lo in Chattanooga and the surrounding markets Dayton, TN, Trenton, GA, etc. KVAT needed assistance from Ortwein, specifically in price installation for the revamping of Bi-Lo signs to KVAT foods. It was going to be a process, as it always is for companies that need to restyle their franchise. They chose Ortwein, as the sign company best suited the job.

Working with time efficiency, and maximizing all of our resources, we knew that we were going to able to take care of the twenty-nine stores and thirty-one signs that were needing to be manufactured. The Ortwein team came up with a business strategy and with six weeks to get the job finished, each custom sign was renovated and manufactured within a week or less.

Ortwein Sign Company gained yet another loyal customer with our timeline delivery, immediate help in the project management, and professional installation of multiple custom signs. Our commitment to the customer is why Ortwein Sign Company is the premier sign company in Chattanooga, TN, and the Southeast Region.

BI-LO Food Stores

Chattanooga Trust Ortwein Sign Company

  • The finished product was exactly what we were hoping for. Installation was completed without issue, and our tenants were very pleased with their new signage.
  • Ortwein was extremely efficient during all phases of the project, and worked hard to deliver a quality product ahead of schedule. They were also very flexible and easily adjusted to changes that arose during the process.
  • If you’re looking for commercial sign manufacturing, installation, upfit or repair, Ortwein Sign will not disappoint!
  • Janet was a great point of contact! She kept us updated on the process and responded to questions and concerns quickly and efficiently!
Zack Levine

Property Management & Operations Associate, Ziff Properties, Inc.

We’ll handle all your Chattanooga Sign Permits!

When you hire Ortwein Sign Company, you can rest assured that all the proper permits and paperwork that comes along with a custom installation will be taken care of by pros. Here are a few of the basics of Chattanooga, TN business sign permit rules and regulations.

  • A freestanding business sign is allowed to be up to 175 square feet. However, it must be set back from the road or street it is located on at least 20 feet if it is this height.
  • If your business sign is 0-40 feet tall, then the setback limit stands at 10 feet. If your sign is 40-100 feet tall, then the setback limit is 15 ft.
  • One hundred feet or more requires a setback limit of 20 feet.
  • The city of Chattanooga allows a sign to be about 30 feet tall; digital programming or LED lights are also allowed and can be additional features added to your business sign.

Project Management for Business Signs and Custom Signs

The Ortwein Sign Company Project Management professionals at our Chattanooga, TN offices are Fabricators, Installers and Maintenance Technicians that have full mastery of the many different business sign advertising mediums and sign types. The team can assist you in choosing the perfect business sign type and guide you through the process from concept to installation.

Whether Ortwein Sign Company is installing in a single location or 100 locations with multiple types of custom signs and business signage, our team works with our clients and stays in tune with your rollout through design, code compliance, permitting, fabrication, assembly, shipment, installation, coordinating schedules, delivery, man power, and ensuring all permits are in place and signage is compliant with ordinances, so your personnel can focus on operating your business. A Project Manager will be assigned to your custom sign project and will manage all Ortwein Sign Company resources allocated to your project. This is to meet your deadlines and maintain your IRR.

In addition, our team works in collaboration with the client’s marketing and design teams in helping with how and why, to ensure your brand is displayed consistently, durably, and professionally across all mediums. The Ortwein Sign Company branding implementation professionals have spent their careers honing the skills necessary to make sure your project is completed on time within budget with the results your business sign needs. Give Ortwein Sign Company’s professionals a call at 423-867-9208 and lets discuss your project and business sign needs!

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