At Ortwein Sign, we understand that coming up with funds for your signage can be difficult. We never want you to feel a custom crafted branding element for your business is out of reach, so to help we offer an affordable signage financing plan. Don’t risk the integrity of your brand with anything less than perfect because you don’t have the capital for a rebrand or sign right now. Call to see how our affordable signage financing plans can benefit you and your business today. In enhancing your business, we suggest the utilization of a tool big businesses use, Brand Funding Leverage. Ortwein’s Brand Funding Leverage tool is called IntellOfund.

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Smart Funding

In a competitive business climate (and whose business is not in a competitive environment), it’s important to maximize the financial return of your brand investment, one of your businesses most important investments. This return will be determined by the branding design, branding effectiveness, branding durability, branding maintenance and the financial terms of the investment.
Our IntellO services address all of these.

IntellOfund will minimize cash outlay and allow the performance of the branding elements to pay for themselves. Most of the larger companies we deal with utilize a funding source, rather than spend their operating cash. This a way to maximize the return on your investment, get the branding performance that your company deserves, and maintain your operating capital reserves.


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