Sign and Light Repairs

In a perfect world signs would never incur damage. However between storms, age, and general weathering, we know things happen.

If your sign is damaged or if a light is out we’ll repair it; whether we built it or not.

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Lighting Repairs

Lighting is often one of the most essential parts of a sign, but it can also be the most vulnerable. Everything from birds, to storms, to vandalism, and outages can affect the lighting of a sign. If you have a sign where the lighting is out or damaged we can work with you to repair the sign and get it back and lit up again.

Retrofit Lighting

Often when we are already repairing the lighting in a sign, our clients find it is a good opportunity to convert their fluorescent lighting. This can provide cost savings for years to come, as well as more safety and stability as LEDs are generally more resilient. So whether you have an old sign needing LEDs to replace their fluorescent/neon, or even parking lot lights, we can help you save $ with a retrofit.

Sign Weathering & Storm Damage

If your sign is outside in the elements then overtime it’ll be subjected to weathering, be it storms, snow, or just gradual wear and tear. Whether it’s a monument sign, pylon sign, neon sign, channel letters or more, we can help repair your sign and get it back to looking like new!

In the case of storm damage too, we can work with you or your insurance company to quote the repair job, and then to fix it.

We don’t even have to have built the sign; we can still fix it!

Sign Cleaning

Cleaning a sign is often more of a specialized job than people realize as care needs to be taken when working in and around a sign, especially where electricity and lighting are concerned. As custom sign makers, installers, and repairers, we’re quite adept when it comes to cleaning a sign whether we built it or not.

If we’re already repairing your sign too, then this can be offered as an addendum service while we’re on site.

Vintage Sign Restoration

As a company that’s been around for almost 100 years, we have a fondness for vintage signs. After all we built signs back when they were simply called “new signs”! So we know how much you love and care for your vintage signs, and if you want to have your antique sign restored to its original glory then we’ll put just as much love and care into your sign’s restoration.

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