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From conceptual design through installation and beyond to content creation services, Ortwein Sign is your best choice for electronic signage, digital displays and LED signs . Our background installing, servicing, and training our customers to provide quality digital content to create the image and garner the attention desired are a significant competitive advantage that we bring to each new project.

LED Signs, such as electronic fuel price changers, electronic message centers, digital menu boards, and digital display systems are all products that we form fit to your project’s need and your specific brand messaging..

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LED Signs
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Why Choose a LED Sign?

LED signs can be very useful to many business. LED signs are customizable and can help with advertising for businesses. But Led signs are not only used for businesses but for churches, stadiums and organizations.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Basically an LED is a small light bulb. They do not have a filament and they are more efficient. They have a longer life span than a traditional bulb and LEDs can last up to 11 years.

    Advantages of having a LED sign

  1. They have high-levels of brightness and intensity
  2. They are very efficient
  3. They use Low-voltage and current
  4. Radiate Low Heat
  5. Reliable (resistant to shock and vibration)
  6. No UV Rays
  7. Long Life Span
  8. easily controlled and programmed


Ortwein LED Signs


We range from basic window scrolling led to Stadium Displays. We provide Touchscreen kiosks, architectural Surrounds, wall mounts, video walls, room signs, projection, audio/video,and storyboards. Contact us about our LED signs and we will help find the right one for you.