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Over the last 9 decades, Ortwein Sign has fabricated signs of many eras. We love to see vintage signs come into our shop for restoration. They remind us of the improvements in electrical safety, materials, construction techniques, and finishes that have been implemented in more recent years.  Our history and knowledge enables us to bring these signs back to their former glory, in their exact original state or in a UL approved manner for improved electrical safety.

With our very own in-house neon plant, you can rely on over 25 years of expert glass bending experience to restore your classic neon signs. Our finishes group can paint, or patina your sign to provide the original look and attractiveness that these retro signs provide.  For use in advertising a business or installation in a museum, Ortwein Sign is your place for sign restoration.

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American Pickers Project

On one of the episodes of The History Channel’s American Pickers, an old Ford Tractor’s sign was found, purchased and sold to one of our great customers.   By the time the show aired and we saw the sign, our client had already sent us the sign, and we were well into the restoration.  The sign required rewiring to eliminate some of the old exposed wiring, replacement of some rusted out metal that made the structure unstable and installation of all new neon and a transformer.  So this sign is now a safe, UL piece of equipment and is installed in a car museum.  With this history, it is a prized piece in the collection.

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