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As a sign company in East Tennessee, and with our headquarters in Chattanooga, we are better serving clients in the areas surrounding our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities…..areas we already serve. For decades, we’ve built and installed signs for Knoxville businesses, as well as helped Knoxville based companies grow into other markets. If you’re looking to build a new business in or around Knoxville, or you are moving from one location to another, let us at Ortwein Sign be your partner as you grow your business and build your brand.

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    Frequent Misconceptions About LED Signage

    Frequent Misconceptions About LED Signage

    Over the past decades, LED signage has overtaken fluorescent bulbs, and other traditional bulbs, as far as the primary type of lighting for signage. As such LED is everywhere now from Channel Letters to LED powered Electronic Messaging Centers (EMCs) and more....

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    What Do Sign Designers Need to Know

    What Do Sign Designers Need to Know

    At Ortwein Sign, we rely on our expert team of designers to create and adapt designs for our clients so that their brands are represented well across their signage. This can mean they often have to create designs from scratch, including for small businesses without...

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    What Do Sign Installers Need to Know

    What Do Sign Installers Need to Know

    Sign installers by their nature need to be a jack of all trades. Sign installations are complex afterall, and each one can vary, therefore a pro sign installer needs to know skills including mechanical skills, electrical knowledge, problem solving, interpersonal...

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