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As a sign company in East Tennessee, and with our headquarters in Chattanooga, we are better serving clients in the areas surrounding our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities…..areas we already serve. For decades, we’ve built and installed signs for Knoxville businesses, as well as helped Knoxville based companies grow into other markets. If you’re looking to build a new business in or around Knoxville, or you are moving from one location to another, let us at Ortwein Sign be your partner as you grow your business and build your brand.

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    Expert Strategies for Effective Sign Cleaning

    Expert Strategies for Effective Sign Cleaning

    When signs leave our shop they are expertly crafted and designed for your needs and much like a car off the lot they are at their prime. Of course we at Ortwein Sign build signs to last, and we hope they stay as pristine as possible for years to come; however, despite...

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    The ROI of On-Premise Signage vs Other Mediums

    The ROI of On-Premise Signage vs Other Mediums

    In the past we've demonstrated how to determine the return on investment (ROI) of your signage, and now we're discussing how the ROI of on-premise signage compares to other mediums of branding and promotion. The Signage Foundation, Inc., a research organization that...

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