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A business failing to fully capitalize on the opportunity to build a unique pylon sign at their locations, is like throwing money away. On busy streets of business districts, how do you get your organization to become more noticeable, more memorable and ideally, a landmark used by people in the area for directions and of course, to find your location? Certainly, not having a pylon sign is just not an option in these situations. On premise signage is the highest ROI advertising investment you can make.

Ortwein’s uniquely creative sign design personnel are the difference. We combine an deep understanding of color, shape, visibility, construction techniques, and architectural sign design to craft your organization’s advertising landmark identification

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Ortwein’s project management and permit procurement specialists manage the needs of municipalities and businesses all over North America  We’ve successfully completed thousands of pylon signage projects all over North America.  Where can we help your organization?

Get the attention you seek and the image you want with Ortwein Sign’s unique capabilities and client focus.

Our beginning to end services give you the extra “visual value” of attractive, high-quality, attention getting, landmark pylon signage projects from our award winning team. Contact us today discuss your organization’s specific needs.

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Are Pylon Signs Right for Your Business?

Pylon signs are freestanding business sign structures with a custom single or multi-tenant illuminated sign box supported by one or multiple steel poles. The sign base and pole surroundings can be constructed of various materials. Pylon sign bases can be constructed of high-density urethane with a stucco finish, brick or block structures, or welded aluminum base primed and painted. Single or double sided, custom paint colors are available to complement your architecture or corporate identity. Most sign companies can incorporate a full color LED digital message board if desired. A digital message board can be programmed in a matter of seconds from a remote location.

Using pylon signs can effectively help showcase your property in a precise manner. Pylon signage featuring business names and logos are an effective way to provide advance notice for the location of your business. Often, the first impression of your business is pylon signs offering high impact and low maintenance exposure for only a few dollars a day.

Custom pylon signs can help direct traffic to your business location and communicate the message of a single business or multi-tenant complex. Customized pylon signs are very popular when it comes to identifying shopping plazas and industrial complexes, car dealerships, gas stations, restaurants, mini-malls, hotels, and retail locations. By implementing a pylon sign into your project’s design scheme you can take your brand to new levels.