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Ortwein Sign Company is pleased to have a sales office in Nashville, TN to better serve our clients in the Music City and surrounding areas! For decades, we’ve helped Nashville and middle Tennessee based companies grow, as well as help these clients grow into other markets. With our local Nashville, TN sales and sign installation presence, we are better able to support and grow this element of our business as well as complement our National Sign Company business efforts.

Whether we are installing in a single location or 1000 locations with multiple types of signage, our team works with our clients and stays in tune with your rollout through design, code compliance, permitting, manufacturing, assembly, shipment, and installation, coordinating schedules, delivery, manpower, and ensuring all permits are in place and signage is compliant with ordinances in Nashville, so your personnel can focus on operating your business. We do what we do best, and your people do what they do best! One Project Manager will be assigned to your project and will manage all Ortwein resources applied to your project to meet your deadlines and maintain your IRR. The Ortwein Sign Company and our Nashville sign Pros goal is to ensure your sign project on-time and done right!

Ortwein Sign Company’s Nashville, TN branding implementation professionals have spent their careers honing the skills necessary to make sure your project is completed on time within budget with the results your business needs. Give us a call today, and let’s discuss your project, we have the expertise to help your business! Give our Nashville Sign professionals a call 615-726-3558 and lets discuss your next sign project!

Ortwein Sign custom builds and services signs for the communities of Franklin, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Hendersonville, Mount Juliet, Spring Hill, Lebanon, Brentwood, Gallatin, and more!

 Nashville Office

National Phone: 615-726-3558
2215 Dortch Ave,
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Huckabee Theater Signs Project

Ortwein was selected to build the custom signs for the new Huckabee Theater because of our experience working with large national sign companies. We’re proud of all the work our team put in to complete the project on time and build these custom signs.

What were the goals of the project? The project goals were to brand the theater with custom signs for the new TV program filmed inside by Gov Mike Huckabee. A patriotic theme was important…

What are the features of the signage for this project? Three custom signs were built by Ortwein Sign Company.

  • One is on the stage (shown above) inside the Huckabee Theater in Nashville, TN. It is shown frequently on station breaks and features a custom fabricated metal sign cabinet with neon wrapped, fabricated Huckabee lettering. The top and bottom elements provide nice detail and add interest to the sign’s design. Designers at Brian R Scott design came up with the concept and Ortwein Sign Company designers gave it life.
  • Second is a monument sign (main image) with similar elements as the interior sign to carry the patriotic theme of the theater to the outside of the theater. It includes a 10mm LED Message Center/Digital Sign that allows frequent message changes. This allows the folks at Trinity Broadcast Network to change featured guests, musicians, show times, etc.
  • The third element is the building façade (main image) . It incorporated illuminated elements like the monument sign and stage sign that further carry the patriotic theme throughout the exterior of the theater. The combination of all these elements really makes the theater eye catching and stand out from its Nashville neighbors.

How long did it take to build these custom signs? One of the important points for this project was to have the equipment installed for first taping (Pres. Donald Trump, one of the first guests) on Friday Oct 6th, to air on Oct 7th. Our team got to work and completed the project right on time. The entire custom sign build and sign installation took approximately four weeks from contract to completion.


Huckabee Theater Sign Project, Huckabee Theaters

Storage Pros Trusts Ortwein Sign Company

Mike Adcox and the crew at Ortwein Sign Company sign run a professional and responsive operation. They understand our needs, work efficiently and produce a first-class product. We recommend them whole-heartedly if you’re looking for a Sign Company in Nashville, TN.

The finished product was exactly what we were hoping for. Installation was completed without issue, and our tenants were very pleased with their new signage.

Ortwein was extremely efficient during all phases of the project, and worked hard to deliver a quality product ahead of schedule. They were also very flexible and easily adjusted to changes that arose during the process.

Janet was a great point of contact! She kept us updated on the process and responded to questions and concerns quickly and efficiently.

David Levenfeld

President & CEO, Storage Pros Self Storage| Nashville, TN

The Gulch Crossing Project

Ortwein Sign’s Nashville Sign Division was recently awarded a contract to produce signage for one of Nashville, TN newest Class A Office Space commercial development, The Gulch Crossing.  The fantastic design work of Amy McNeil and her staff at 4th Leaf Design Studios in Nashville, TN.  Some of the signage that was quite unique is being covered in this release of Ortwein Sign’s Sign Blog.

Gulch Crossing Letters – Corten Steel

The entry to the development was created of Corten Steel.  The Gulch Crossing letters were installed in this material prior to installation with the rest of the material that makes up the entry wall.  Corten steel is a product that has a coating that is supposed to age over time.  If you’ll go to the Gulch Crossing link, https://www.gulchcrossing.com, you’ll see the entry and how the different sheets of material age, differently.  Its a very unique finish, material and sign installation technique.  The craftsmen at Ortwein Sign thrive on these unique custom applications.  It was a challenge for the Ortwein Sign fabrication crew to make this look as nice as it turned out. “Anyone can do the standard sign construction stuff, it takes exceptional talent to create custom pieces of art” said John Shelton, Ortwein Sign fabricator.

Parking Garage Entry Sign

The development’s parking garage sign package contains a unique parking garage entry sign. It is lit on all 5 exposed sides, with a LED digital parking space availability display. This frosted translucent block is internally illuminated and looks like an “ice cube” said Jim Teal, Ortwein Sign’s VP of Operations. “Its a real attention getter!”

Weight Limit Sign

While The Gulch Crossing could have chosen to install a typical panel on a wall, which could have met requirements, people entering the parking garage are now notified of a weight limit restriction for vehicles in the parking garage by a very noticeable and unique triangluar shaped sign. The triangular sign with this information is an extension of the high end design of the facilities and by virtue of its more noticeable appearance, produces a more safe environment. Ortwein Sign Manufacturing Company would like to congratulate 4th Leaf Design, JE Dunn, and The Gulch Crossing on a fantastic development in downtown Nashville, TN.

Gulch Crossing Project, Nashville, TN

Nashville Sign Regulations

Wall signs for Nashville have a restriction of up to 15% on any given area. There are limitations on sizes for free standing signs. This is based on the length of the road frontage on the property. Signs between the sizes of 48 square feet and 288 square feet require a size of 300 linear feet for the length of the road frontage. Setback rules for Nashville are at a 10 ft. minimum. This is based on the distance from ground level from the bottom of the sign. If the sign is less than 10 feet, then the setback is 15 feet. Any sign that is greater than 10 feet, this setback is also required. However, the higher the sign, the closer the sign can be to the road. LED signs and digital programming are allowed in the city of Nashville, in certain zone properties. The requirements are that the sign has to be 200 linear feet away from an agricultural zone and that the sign must be kept in a commercial zone.

Business Signs | Ortwein Project Management

The Ortwein Sign Company Project Management professionals at our Nashville,TN offices are Fabricators, Installers and Maintenance Technicians that have full mastery of the many different business sign advertising mediums and sign types. The team can assist you in choosing the perfect business sign type and guide you through the process from concept to installation.

Whether Ortwein Sign Company is installing in a single location or a 100 locations with multiple types of custom signs and business signage, our team works with our clients and stays in tune with your rollout through design, code compliance, permitting, fabrication, assembly, shipment, installation, coordinating schedules, delivery, man power, and ensuring all permits are in place and signage is compliant with ordinances, so your personnel can focus on operating your business. A Project Manager will be assigned to your custom sign project and will manage all Ortwein Sign Company resources allocated to your project.

In addition, our team works in collaboration with the client’s marketing and design teams in helping with how and why, ensuring their brand is displayed consistently, durably, and professionally across all mediums. Ortwein Sign Company branding implementation professionals have spent their careers honing the skills necessary to make sure your project is completed on time within budget with the results your business sign needs. Give Ortwein Sign Company’s professionals a call at 615-726-3558 and let’s discuss your project and business sign needs!

Ortwein was asked to work with Cumberland Trust located in Nashville TN with a project for the building in which their corporate offices were located. After the initial meeting, we were able to come up with a unique design for a monument sign that had push thru lettering which closely resemble channel letters at night.  We engaged one of our sub-contractors to provide the stone masonry base.  The sign also had to include as apportion of the finish a patina look. Once the base was finished, the installation took place early one morning to avoid any traffic issues with the tenants as they arrived for work. This was just one of the many monument signs that we have been asked to design, manufacture, and install over the last several years. Designs available upon request.

Mike Owen

Nashville TN Division Manager, Cumberland Trust Project | Nashville, TN

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