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Helping churches by designing, building, installing and maintaining church signs to build congregations is an area of our business we cherish.  When given the compliment of being selected as church sign manufacturer to help a religious organization, we take pride in helping, in our small way, to bring about positive societal change.  We have been complimented by over 20 denominations with projects.

Whether the goal is to communicate with existing church membership, the community or potential church members, Ortwein Sign is a custom church sign manufacturer and we can design a unique, attractive church sign design for your budget and target market.

Church LED signs are a flexible and easy means to communicate your message.  They allow the use of pictures to help deliver your message.  They play videos and can create a serene, peaceful feeling for the viewer and potential new church member.

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Church Signs of the Times

Custom outdoor church signs have changed over the years, but these signs’ purposes have stood the test of time. The purpose of outdoor church signs is to help reach out to the community and build an informed congregation. Although the purpose of these signs has remained constant, the materials and technology that goes into building these signs has changed with the times.

Many early church signs were made from wood. These signs were intricately hand painted to identify the church. In smaller, rural areas, signs were rarely used because the church was the well-known heart of the community. With the growth of cities and congregations came the need to identify these buildings using outdoor signs. In modern times, technological innovations have greatly increased the options churches have for custom outdoor signs.

Marquee signs give the option for the customer to customize creative messages for their sign with movable lettering. These signs are made of durable materials and illuminating lights that make it hard to go unnoticed. Marquee signs allow for personal design by the customer and make it easy to add variety to the messages. These signs are less flexible than new innovations due to marquee signs using interchangeable letters done by hand. Although this option can seem outdated or even inconvenient for a church, it can be a less expensive option.

The newest option for churches when it comes to signs are LED signs. These digital outdoor signs push the envelope on customization of design and add more depth to the message than is available with an outdoor marquee sign. LED outdoor signs allow for imagery and visual content to play a part in community outreach. While the outdoor church sign has come a long way, it is vital to keep the value of the church sign in mind when choosing a sign for your congregation and community.

No matter which sign type your church chooses, Ortwein Sign is there to guide you though the process. You can email or call us and our team will assist with your project.