Movie and Theater Signs

The unique movie and theater environment provides opportunity to make a great, entertaining environment that is attractive, inside and out. These opportunities on the exterior include digital messaging so that shows can be advertised and updated easily and quickly. Bright neon or LED store fronts and entryways, multi color displays and traditional signage to attract patrons.

On the interior,digital signage to allow quick, accurate change over of a theatre’s show, wayfinding information, wall decorations, menu boards, both static and digital to increase concession sales are all ways we can help improve your business. Floor graphics add a unique touch to advertise to and direct patrons throughout the site.

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Set the Mood

Movie, Theater, and other Entertainment environments allow for some real creativity that produces an attractive, eye catching venue that stands out from other businesses in the area.  The entertainment starts once entering the venue.  A fun inviting, family friendly, unique entryway, an easy to navigate facility with easy clear directions to your show, restrooms, concessions, etc make the experience even more enjoyable for the patron.  Technologically advanced menus, directory signage and show advertisements let the patron know they are in for a really great entertainment experience.

Make Ortwein Sign your entertainment partner.  Ask about our Corporate Partnership Program.

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