Church Signs are the foundation for awareness of a church. The right church sign can increase membership, just as the wrong church sign can decrease membership. Below are five interesting facts that will have you rushing to the Internet to find the perfect sign for your church.

Is it Important For a Church To Have a Sign?

Church signage has an important part in converting awareness of a church’s location into visits by prospective members. In addition, a church sign is usually the first impression for the community around the church. Although, the all faiths have existed for centuries by word of mouth, it’s a good idea to have a sign in front of a church.


The Sign Is A Direct Representation Of The Church

The design and neatness, location of the sign, the attractive surroundings, and the message you post regularly, all these things influence how neighbors and travelers determine volumes about your church. The smallest details can drive visitors to or away from your place of worship. A driver only sees your sign for a split second before they pass by your church sign. In that split second you want to capture their attention and deliver a positive message about what your church has to offer.

The Appearance is Important

The appearance of a church sign, its graphics and condition, communicate to people about what is happening inside the church. Is your church sign communicating the right message to pass- byers? Dingy, yellowing or old church signs give the wrong impression and turn people away from your church rather than drawing them in. A church sign with attractive identifying graphics, a clean exterior and enticing message may be just what your church needs to increase visitor attendance, and eventually increase membership. Many sign company have sign maintenance programs.

Change The Message To Capture Attention

Church signs are not just a way to let people know what time service starts and ends, what programs are happening at church, or what guess speaker/ singer is coming to visit. Yes displaying this information is important, however, limiting yor church sign to just displaying these things will cause your church to miss out on an important opportunity. Church signs can be used as a way to convey positive, encouraging, and inspiring messages to those passing by. Consistency is safe, however consistency is boring. Change keeps people interested and interest draws people in.


Having a church sign can save a church a great amount of money because a church sign can guarantee your church the maximum amount of exposure at your control. Different type of signs, draw different types of crowds. A large sign which could be read quickly by the thousands of motorists. Two- sided signs can be a huge advantage as you can display a quote on one side and the times of service of the next. Every sign has it’s strong points, and our staff can help you decide what time of sign is right for your message.

Interested In A Church Sign? Ortwein Sign Can Help!

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