Why Should You Consider Refreshing Your Signage?

We know simply the act of starting a business, building your brand, and opening your store are all incredible achievements! We’re always so happy to be a part of that process by helping small-business owners by crafting and installing your new signs in time to welcome your customers in for opening day! Signage is shown to be one of the best investments for overall marketing, so it can be understandable to want to think “that’s done” and move on without thinking much of your signage again.

However, much like other elements of your business, there are reasons to not simply rest on your laurels and to refresh your signage. Here are 5 to consider.


Sign and facade of Hibbett Sports store

One of the most common reasons for refreshing your signage is to keep it in line with an overall rebranding effort. If your new marketing efforts don’t match your old signage then there’ll be a disconnect with your customers. At best this might cause confusion. At its worst your customers may pass by your business while looking for business branding/identifiers they simply do not recognize.

Retrofit Lighting

Long standing businesses often have signs that can be decades old. While the look of the sign might still be perfect for your needs, it’s possible the old bulbs in the sign are costing you money! You may want to consider retrofitting your old bulb sign to new LED tech. This investment can save money in the long run with energy costs alone, but you’ll also have the benefit of less frequent repairs.

Adapt to New Technology

Grandy's Sign being installed with worker in crane bucket

If you have a monument or pylon sign and you want to update your branding, or perhaps be able to craft and deliver messages more quickly to your customers, considering talking to your sign company about upgrading to digital signage. With a new digital sign you’ll be able to showcase new sales, special store hours and events, and your branding in ways you never could before! Digital Signage also increases engagement with your customers. According to one study on digital video, “nearly half (47%) of those who have seen a digital place-based video in the past month specifically recall seeing an ad”. Additionally “Digital video ads have an effect on purchase patterns. Nearly one in five (19%) of those who have seen a digital video ad say they have made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on the screen”. Just be sure to talk with a company that has the know-how and experience working with local codes and regulations first to ensure you can make this modification.

Re-Attract Your Customers

When your business opens it’ll take some time before the view of your business and sign become familiar. This familiarity at first is a positive component of your marketing, as customers who pass by often will begin to subconsciously recall your business more and more. So next time they have a need your store takes care of they’re likely to keep you in mind consciously or unconsciously. Overtime however that familiarity leads to staleness.

Improve Weathering Capabilities

Channel letters sign faces exposed on building

Even the best built signs in the elements can be weathered and damaged over time. Whether it’s a storm, hail, snow, or any other types of weather, the impact can take a toll on your sign. You can repair the sign, fix bulbs, or hammer out dings, but if you refresh your sign not only can you upgrade the technology, but you can also talk to your sign company about the best and latest materials and techniques they might have to extend the lifespan of your new sign.

Remember when considering a refresh, you should choose a sign company that understands your sign codes and regulations, the latest sign technology, and the most effective way to get the best value out of your signage! Ortwein Sign has the experience and the service record to take care of your sign projects large or small. Request a quote or call us today at 866-867-9208 to talk about how a sign refresh could help your business!