Though we love to imagine that nothing will ever impact our signs aside from storm events, or perhaps strange accidents, alas that’s not always the case as vandalism may occur. This is true regardless of whether the sign is close to the ground or up high, as vandals with a will to vandalize a sign will often find a way. In our blog today we discuss preventive measures as well as how to respond to vandalism.

How do I prevent sign vandalism?

Though there’s no way to 100% ensure your sign will not be vandalized, you can still take steps to help decrease the chances of vandalism.

Consider the Materials

If you are purchasing a monument sign that is low to the ground, you may want to consider what might occur if someone tries to deface or paint on the sign. You might want to discuss with your signage company if there is a type of material, be it for the surface or the whole sign, that can help prevent paint from staining your sign. Just keep in mind these materials may not be worth the added costs, so you may still want to take the risk and go with your preferred choice of material.

Implement Security Cameras

Signs should very much be considered an investment in your business, and therefore you may want to be protective of your signage the same as you would your products. Therefore it might be worthwhile to look at implementing a security camera system that can cover your signs be it a monument sign on the road or a sign on the front of your building.

Improve Lighting Near Signage

Lighting has been successfully used to deter, or at least diminish, the likeihood of crimes in an area, and thus you may want to consider ensuring your sign is in a well-lit area. This when paired with security cameras will serve as further deterrence.

My sign has been vandalized. What do I do now?

Alas it’s hard to ever truly avoid vandalism, and understandably you’re probably quite upset now after finding your sign has been vandalized. Still you’ll want to keep a cool head and do the following to try to achieve the best outcome for you and your business.

Document the damage

Much like you would after a car crash, you’ll want to immediately survey the damage and take pictures. Especially if you have insurance for your signage (we discuss the important of sign insurance here), you’ll want to ensure you have all the documentation and photos you can take for your insurance agent to help you with your claim.

Contact your insurance provider

After you have documented the damage, now is the time to call your insurance agent. They’ll walk you through the next steps to help unsure you can process the claim for your signaeg.

Schedule repairs or receive a quote for repairs

Oftentimes your insurance agent will want you to receive a quote for the damage to your sign. At Ortwein Sign, we often work with businesses and insurers alike to provide estimates on damage. These not only help you with your claim, but they also give us the initial information we need for when you then schedule your repairs with us to help repair your vandalized sign.


No one likes to think about vandalism; however, again it’s in our world so it’s best to be prepared the best you can. We hope that this article has helped provide some insight on how to deal with vandalism, and should your sign be victimized by vandalism we at Ortwein Sign are here to help. Just give us a call at (423) 867-9208 or visit to reach out to our team.