State-of-the-Art Solar Powered Sign at Spring Branch Industrial Park (Cleveland, TN)

Goal of the Project:

Doug Berry, Vice President of the Cleveland and Bradley Chamber of Commerce, sought out an architecture firm and sign company to design and construct an entryway sign for the traffic circle leading into the newly developed Spring Branch Industrial Park in Cleveland, TN.

Our work on previous signage projects in Cleveland and Bradley Counties, including the exit 25 Welcome to Cleveland display and new signage for Cleveland Utilities, showed that we had the capabilities for such a project.


Spring Branch Industrial Park Solar Powered Entrance Sign in Traffic Circle

Lewis Group Architects developed the initial design of the sign, and we took their design and implemented it into the sign’s construction.

Look: Tall, obelisk structure. Brown copper color siding. Illuminated lettering on each sign. Stone base that connects to the green body of the sign. White cap that illuminates on all 4 sides like a beacon. Powered by solar panels on the outside with control structure on the inside.

Construction of the Sign:

After surveying the initial architectural design, we adapted the interior of the sign to alleviate potential access complications due to the surrounding road. Our incredible fabrication team then developed a steel and aluminum frame in lieu of a solid concrete sign to house the batteries and lighting components. These changes, while keeping the architect’s design intent and the sign’s functionality, allowed for the use of solar panels to power the signage, all while helping to save costs.

Solar Power:Ortwein Sign installing sign in traffic circle

3 solar panels are powering batteries inside of the device. The batteries are then connected to a controller on the inside of the sign that allows us to set the time that the sign’s illumination comes off and on. These solar panels allow the sign’s lights to charge each day during the sunlight, and then they can power on in the evening.

Wacker Chemie AG, a company that produces solar-grade polysilicon in Bradley County, helped with the acquisition of the solar panels. Inclusion of these solar panels will boost the sign’s sustainability and lessen its environmental impact at the site.

Combined Effort:

This really was a team effort involving many partners all with ties to Cleveland, TN, including the aforementioned Lewis Group Architects, the Chamber of Commerce for Cleveland and Bradley County, Wacker Chemie AG, and our team at Ortwein Sign.

More about Spring Branch Industrial Park:

Spring Branch Industrial Park will be home to Cannon Automotive Solutions, a manufacturing of auto parts based out of Bowling Green, Kentucky, along with other to-be-announced companies.

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