There’s A Sign For Everything

Running a business takes a lot of work, and a lot of advertising. Signs are one of the best ways of advertising your restaurant, and luckily for restaurant owners there is a lot of variety in restaurant signage, which provides many opportunities for advertising.

The Main Attraction

The most common, and most necessary signs for restaurants are those placed directly outside of your restaurant. Not only do they provide easy guidance to your restaurant from the street, but they also capture the overall branding and marketing efforts of your business. It’s important to remember that design and personality of the sign carries a lot of weight.  Your sign can say a lot about the overall atmosphere and customer dining experience of your restaurant, so make sure it speaks to your customer base.

Stir Restaurant Sign By Ortwein Sign in Chattanooga, TN.

“A Frame” Signs For Outside

Another sign that provides a lot of room for creativity are A frame signs. These folding signs that are often placed on the sidewalks outside of restaurants can advertise anything from the day’s specials and drinks of the days to complete menus. These signs for restaurants are often used by bars and more low-key restaurants, but can definitely be used by other more upscale restaurants as well. These signs are inexpensive and therefore various signs can be made to advertise different things at very little expense to the restaurant. Advertising for your restaurant with signs has never been cheaper than with these handy A frame signs.

Billboards For Restaurants

For large chain restaurants that are already quite well known billboards are a great idea, especially if you are trying to appeal to people traveling. Restaurants such as Cracker Barrel and Chic fil A always have multiple large billboards along the interstates advertising their location as well as a food item on their menu. These are extremely helpful to travelers that are unfamiliar with the area they are in and need a place to eat. Although these billboards can be a bit pricey, they are a great idea for advertising your restaurant and driving business to your establishment for large, established restaurants that what to reach a wide variety of demographics and expand their advertising impressions.

Way Finding Signage

Although not always the first sign to come to mind, these are very important. Have you every walked into an unfamiliar restaurant and been unsure whether you are to seat yourself or wait for a host to guide you to your seat? Signs such as these eliminate this uncertainty. By including signs such as “Please Wait to Be Seated” and “Restrooms” in your restaurant you help to make your guests feel comfortable and sure of themselves, therefore making their experience pleasant and encouraging them to return.

ADA Compliance Signs

Last but not least, although not exciting, these signs play an important role in restaurant business. These signs help to protect customers with disabilities from discrimination as well as working to ensure that their dining experience is as good as any other customers. In order to be considered in compliance with ADA requirements, a restaurant needs to offer at least one travel route accessible for those who would like to enter the restaurant from their parking space. Restaurants should also have wheelchair accessible seats in their dining room. There are also specific guidelines that restaurants are required to follow with the setup of their bathrooms. Signs clearly marking things such as handicap parking and wheelchair accessible bathroom stalls are necessary in restuarants in order to alert guests to such things.

Ortwein Signs Expertise In Restaurant Signage

All of these signs in and around restaurants are important for advertising your restaurant. Variety in restaurant signs is important to have in order to get the information out regarding your specific restaurant. For more information regarding the best signs for your restaurant contact us here!