Studies have shown that certain colors evoke certain emotions and feelings in everyone. The psychology of color may help your business succeed in the aesthetic goals and objectives of its brand. See the list below of this year’s ‘rainbow’ and how it can help you market your intentions. This can be put to use when Ortwein designs the sign of your dreams!


The color orange has been placed at the top of the hierarchy. Behold! The color of energy and balance, two traits you want to have when thinking about designing your sign! Orange demands attention, and contrasted with its warm undertone, your business will appear friendly and still grasp eyes like you want it to!


Any shade of green is electrifying! Wonder why our own logo is green? Green breathes personas of service and renewal, two provisions Ortwein promises to each of their customers! Wanting to spruce up the life of your sign? Sprinkle green into it, and you’ll be sure to retain more customers. Green is also a source of harmony and equilibrium which can portray your business in a very positive light.


Shades of blue can range from clear and calm to just as electrifying as green. This is why we put Blue as a close third. When we see the color blue, we feel stability, trust, and loyalty. Dark hues of blue can symbolize integrity and power, just like it’s exact opposite, red. Blue would be considered a great color for businesses involving a lot of communication. A calming blue color displays trust from the company.


Why isn’t red first, you say? Although red has gotten its label of meaning power and strength, it is also a very prominent and cautious color. If you see the color red on a daily basis, it usually means to stop—stop signs, red lights, etc. Nature has produced a specific color to hinder an action from continuing, and red happens to be that color. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! Red can also mean excitement and survival, so this may help your company if it’s in trouble of losing a respectful reputation. Red can do wonders depending on how you use it!


Yellow is considered, psychologically, the strongest color. Representing optimism and inducing creativity and friendliness, yellow involves a sense of emotional depth. This color is great for companies that use originality and emotion as the foreground of their establishments. Yellow also shows confidence, so this might be a great added color to influence the effect of your company.


Violet, lavender. Purple is considered a color that caves into itself, a type of introversion, if you will. Not the ideal color for companies seeking the identity of prowess and expertise. However, all is not lost! Purple also has the luxury of being a color that claims an essence of royalty, vision, and authenticity. Using a darker shade of this color can portray the image of being elite. Make sure you don’t use too much; this may make your sign look cheap. Too much of one thing is always bad—unless you’re Ortwein, of course!

Browns, Blacks, Grays

We reach the last of the color wheel, the earthy tones. One must be careful on the structure and amount one uses for each color. For example, too many grays represent a lack of confidence, but too little of brown shows instability. These three colors are in the same category because they complement one another, and are often used together. While black’s positive traits show a company to have substance and sophistication, gray’s positive traits are merely that it is a neutral color. Brown’s positive trait’s indicate a softer approach than black, with a warm nature like orange.

Ortwein Sign Can Help You!

Balancing these shades can be difficult; if anyone can help, Ortwein Sign will be sure to use our graphic design tools to ensure a positive outcome for your sign! Contact us today!