If you own a car wash, then you know that signs can be one of the greatest assets at your disposal to bring in customers. In this guide, we breakdown how signage can work for you and your car wash business.

Pylon and Monument Signs

Pylon signs or monument signs stand out and quickly catch the eyes of passersby. However you only have a few seconds of their time in a car, so you want a quick, simple message that states clearly your name and perhaps one key service you’re known for. Example: “Car Wash Company A: 5$ Washes!”

Temporary Signage

Now Open Banner on Car Wash facility

More and more we see car washes also utilize temporary vinyl on their building to highlight specific services. Temporary banners are usually not required to be permitted, and thus they’re a popular choice for quick, short-term messages. “Wax A now offered!” or “Tuesdays 3$ Off A Wash in March!” can be such examples.

Menu Boards: Electric and Analog

Once your patrons have entered your premises, you’ll want them now to see the full array of services they can avail themselves of at your car wash. Whether they’re in a track, or at a self-wash station, by using an electronic menu board to display your services you can switch up over time what you offer. You can do similarly with some non-digital analog signs; however, if you want these to be flexible over time then be sure to discuss that with your sign company.

Wayfinding Sign Systems

Wayfinding Signs are especially important for car washes, as directional flow from entry to exit is crucial for guiding patrons through your car wash facility. Integrating these into your signage package is crucially important and something a qualified sign company can help with.

Wayfinding Signs are also a way to help integrate branding through the use of colors and font.


Digital Electronic Sign on Pylon Sign for Car Wash

Your colors, font, and sign style should all work for your branding. Qualified sign companies can help maintain brand integrity by working to apply your logos and colors as needed on your signs. You don’t want mismatched coloring and fonts representing your business.

Simple vs Cluttered

While each facility is different, and large car washes have different needs from smaller facilities, you should remember there can be such a thing as “too much” messaging. If your patrons are confused upon entering your premises where to look, and where to go, because they have messages coming at them from every direction then consider focusing on what is most essential to their needs.

Electronic Message Centers, a popular digital option for car wash signage, can help by allowing your messages to rotate. So if they’re in a track or at a self-serve station, they’ll have time to take in the messages, as opposed to have them all at once.