Halloween is a fun time for many, as kids look forward to trick-or-treating, and kids at heart look forward to decorating their houses, apartments, and cubicles. Businesses can also get in on the fun, by encouraging employees to dress up, hosting special events, and by incorporating the spooky and spirit of Halloween into the company’s marketing for the season. In this article we’re going to breakdown the ways that businesses can embrace Halloween and the spooky season to achieve marketing success for their business.

Themed Storefronts and Signage

As you drive around in your community no doubt you’ve likely already noticed how small and large businesses alike have adapted their storefronts and window displays to embrace the season. Whether that’s through a display of Autumn leaves, or a more spooky arrangement, this is one way that small business can create fun, perhaps engaging, displays that connect with customers.

Limited-Edition Products and Packaging

If you’re a business who can customize your products with the season, or perhaps offer special limited-time offerings, now is a perfect time to do so. For a company like Starbucks this is more about embracing Autumn with their popular Pumpkin Spice Drinks, which is often perfectly paired with a new sleeve design for the season. Companies like Kung Fu Tea / Spirit Halloween have colloborated on a special drink complete with a fun Halloween straw and sticker. Of course this isn’t just for companies that serve beverages, as there are any number of products that can be created, or adapted, with a Halloween or Fall focus in mind. Part of the fun and power of this comes from your creativity!

Social Media Campaigns

Few businesses can afford to discount the importance of social media, and Halloween is the perfect time for a social media campaign or tie-in. Whether that’s  an in-store discount someone can get by posting to social, or taking a picture with a product, or perhaps a creative TikTok challenge you create for your business, there are a number of ways in which social media can effectively be coordinated to promote your business as it ties in with the season.

Halloween Events

Are you looking to get more feet in the door of your business? Perhaps now is the time to host a Halloween event! Whether this is a sale, or a fun offering of food and drinks to patrons, you can embrace the spooky season to add some fun for your patrons with a Halloween themed event.

Costume Contest

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween event, or simply wanting to encourage some patrons to have some extra fun on their next visit to your store, consider offering a costume contest. You can incorporate social media by encouraging votes on your social media page, or website, or perhaps host one at a certain time in your store.

Halloween Giveways and Promotions

Of course this is the perfect season as well for Halloween sales, coupons, giveaways, or other promotions! You can incorporate temporary signage, or flag signs, as well to spread the word. You can also embrace your traditional methods of marketing to spread the word.


Utlimately how you embrace the season is up to you; however, as you can see there are countless ways to share your love of the season with your customers for a more rich, fun experience for regulars and new patrons alike!