The Use and Versatility of Blade Signs

Side by Side photo featuring old vintage black and white photo of auto shop with the new vintage corvette shop sign in color to the right

Blade Signs as defined the Sign Research Foundation are a type of projecting sign mounted such that the face of the sign is perpendicular to the flow of traffic.

These can very in their placement and the frequency of their use by municipality; however, at Ortwein Sign we are often requested to fabricate and install them for businesses and properties in city centers, such as Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Nashville’s downtown areas.

Ortwein Sign in 2021 won the Mid-South Sign Association Mark Pridmore prize for our work designing a blade sign, which we then fabricated and installed, in Summerville, GA. This was inspired by a historic sign that had long since disappeared from its original business, but was first displayed in the 1950s.

Vantage and Viewpoints of Blade Signs

Blade Signs have a unique vantage in that they are not always most easily visible when looking directly at the facade, as they are often positioned for cross traffic points of view. This is typically true with blade signs on the corners of building and blade signs on the facade, where they are positioned to be visible to traffic passing by pedestrian or vehicular.

If permitting allows you may be able to add additional signage on the front of the building to help further identify your business or property.

Branding with Blade Signs

Lucky Bastard Saloon sign installation on Broadway in Nashville, TN

Blade Signs can allow for branding opportunities as you have some flexibility with how to present your brand. Blade Signs can incorporate not only color, but also logos, fonts, and styles that match your brand’s look. We always recommend talking with us about your design along the way, as our expert designers can offer their expertise when considering how best to translate your brand to your signage.

On Broadway in downtown Nashville you can see a whole host of incredibly ornate, often neon, blade signs, including ours that we fabricated for Lucky Bastard Saloon. (Pictured above.) These signs help give Broadway the distinct character that makes it so beloved.

Size and Scale of Blade Signs

Blade signs are often limited in their size and scale by permitting; however, generally they can be simpler and smaller if they are a part of a wayfinding system, or they can be larger if they are the primary sign for your business.

Permitting Blade Signs

Permitting varies by municipality; however, our expert project managers at Ortwein Sign can help your sign through the sign permitting process.