There’s no 100% way to know if a hurricane will impact your business and signage, and through the worst hurricanes you may never truly be able to do enough; however, there’s also no reason not to prepare too should the weather reporters say you and your business might be in the path of an oncoming hurricane. We discussed with one of our installers who worked in central Florida what business owners and sign companies would do prior to a hurricane, so we could write-up some tips to help you prepare for such a weather event should one come your way.

Securing Your Signage

Signage is secured on your business by your sign company to withstand many events, such as storms; however, hurricanes are such a different beast that sign companies will still suggest going the extra mile to secure your signage.

One such method used by sign installers is to use ratchet straps to secure your signage. This is similar to putting up boarding on windows. By using these hopefully you can help better prepare your sign for the impact of the storm and any storm debris that might impact the sign.

Remove Temporary Signage and Banners

If you have banners up then you will want a sign company to help remove the banners before a storm comes. Even the best built banners can fly off in a hurricane, and you don’t want to lose what you spent on those banners, and perhaps have a banner cause damage on your building or elsewhere.

If Floods Occur, Consider Unwiring Your Signage

Flooding in Hurricane Harvey

Companies along the coast, where most of the flooding in hurricanes occur, often have to unwire their signs, in particular their low signs such as monument signs. This can help prevent damage to the electrics in the signage.

You may also be able to turn off the sign via a switch to better protect the sign. Just remember signs are built to be as rain proof as possible; however, signs aren’t often built to withstand floods so be prepared should you live in a flood zone or a hurricane zone.

Sign Insurance

If the worst could happen then its best to ensure your sign well ahead of a storm that your signage is insured. Many commercial property developers and owners already ensure this is a component of your lease agreement, and therefore your responsibility as a business owner; however, even if it’s not you should check to see your available options for coverage in your area.

To learn more about sign insurance and what business owners should know, read our full write-up on our Ortwein Sign Interior blog.