Why I would need my sign removed?

When opening a business there’s a lot to keep in mind, and while certainly buying a custom sign to highlight your branding is one of them, one day you might also need to remove your sign –  and not for the reason you might think! Here’s a few reasons why you might need to have your sign removed temporarily or permanently from your business storefront.

1. Moving Locations

Sometimes a business simply wants to move into a new physical location. Therefore the business, or perhaps the landlord, will pay to remove the signage from the original business location. Not all new locations will have the same code allowances, or physical setup perhaps, as the old sign. However if the sign style can stay the same, and the permits can be processed for the new location, then not only can a sign company remove the old sign but they may be able to install the old sign at the new location.

2. Re-Branding

Business with no sign

If you have a sign that no longer matches your branding, then this would be a perfect time to hire a sign company to build a custom sign for your new image. Your sign company can then remove the older sign and replace it with the new sign.

3. Repairs

We build our signs to last as long as possible; nevertheless, weather damage, accidents, and outages can still occur from time to time. Depending on the severity of the damage a service representative can very often change bulbs or fix small issues on-site. However for bigger repairs we may have to remove your sign for a time and work on the sign at our shop. In its place we can print a vinyl sign to keep your customers aware of your presence while we get your sign looking like new!

4. Seasonal Business

Before and After photo of sign removal

While most businesses are here for the long term, some businesses are specifically tied to seasons. Any store tied to the holidays, i.e. Christmas, Halloween, etc., are especially seasonal for instance. So you may want to keep your sign for next year, but perhaps you’ll need it taken down while the space is leased out to another client or while you look for a new location for your seasonal business.

5. Business Shutting Down

Closed business store front with missing sign

Of course one of the most common reasons a sign might be removed is that a business will close and shut its doors for good. On such occasions depending on the contract established between the renter and the owner, either the business, or the landlord will hire a sign company’s services to remove the signage.

Who removes business signs?

Tenant panel sign empty on a monument sign with arrow pointing to the blank sign space

Top notch sign companies will have the skills and equipment to build, install, service, and even remove signs. So just as you call a sign company to install a sign, you would likewise call a sign company should you need that sign removed.

What happens to my old sign when it is removed?

If you own your sign and would like to keep it then sign companies will offer you that opportunity, though you may have to pick-up the sign on location. If the sign has been abandoned, or the tenant no longer wants the sign, then sign companies will recycle and re-use what they can from the sign.

If you need your sign removed, Ortwein Sign can handle the job. Should you choose not to keep the old sign too, we’ll be sure to be recycle and re-use as much of the sign as possible, as it’s part of our goal to be environmentally sustainable in our processes.