Paint reigned supreme in the graphics world, and kept its exclusive place for over 50 years. But by the late 1950’s and into the 1960’s a new material began to emerge, and changed the world of graphics forever, vinyl chloride. You can find this multipurpose material, now known as vinyl in many day-to-day products. The versatile nature of this plastic like material allows for many uses. It can be firm or flexible, thick or thin, and form any color possible. But where did vinyl come from?

In 1926, vinyl chloride was accidentally discovered by the Goodrich Corporation. The invention created new products, factories, and jobs in America. And as for the mobile advertising industry, it created so much growth opportunity. By the early 1990’s, colorful die-cut vinyl had become the primary method of marking vehicles with lettering and logos for big businesses, while paint remained king for customizers and enthusiasts.

Truck wrap for business by Ortwein SignAs the 21st century arrived, a convergence of technologies happened that not only made it possible for sign manufactures to purchase the equipment necessary to print on large format vinyl, but also to make the designs more striking than ever. With piezoelectric inkjet printers, large format graphic design software and computers that could handle over a gigabyte of data, the vinyl wrap that we all know today was invented.

Why You Should Wrap Your Company Vehicles

That brings us to today. Vehicle wrapping is one of the most efficient forms of advertising. The reason vehicle wrapping works is because when you advertise using a vehicle, anyone that rides in a car, which is most people, are guaranteed to see it. Not everyone reads a certain magazine, not everyone uses a phone book, but almost everyone rides in a car. A single car wrap will be viewed anywhere from 30,000-70,000 times each day, this is huge! If it’s not already, your company should make vehicle wrapping apart of their advertising plan.

Fleet Car and Truck Wraps for business by Ortwein Sign

Ortwein has the project management capabilities to wrap 1-100+ cars or trucks for your business. Interested in increasing your brand awareness and grow your business? Contact Ortwein Sign today and learn more!