Photo Credit: “Birds on Sign” by ryanmcgilchrist is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Long gone are the days where companies rely on fake statues of predator birds to keep other birds away. Instead our team has a number of techniques to help prevent birds from nesting in your signage, along with a few suggestions we’ll offer business owners that are beyond a sign company’s scope of work.

Design Against Birds

Birds nest in signs of all types; however, the common appeal for them is the sheer number of gaps and open spaces available in signs. When a business owner is concerned about birds in their signage, we can design a sign in such a way as to minimize or fill in gaps.

Gaps can be either filled in with solid material, or often we’ll suggest using expanded metal to cover the gaps. This allows air in but limits birds from building nests to the narrowness of the holes in expanded metal.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are metal or plastic spikes that can be affixed to signs to prevent birds from landing on the signs. Sign companies can add these when fabricating signs, or once a sign has been installed. These can be incredibly effective at deterring birds.

Fix and Service Your Existing Signage

Even if you bird-proof your sign at the start, overtime there is a chance that through wear or weathering holes can develop where birds may find access in your signs. Cracked access panels and broken faces to a bird can feel like an open invitation to nest. By hiring a sign company to service your sign you may be able to patch and repair these holes to prevent birds from nesting in your sign.

Audio Bird Deterrents

Typically this is beyond a sign company’s scope of work; however, business owners or property developers can hire a company to install various methods of bird deterrents that use audio to keep birds from landing or nesting on their signage.

Bird-Proofing Nets

Larger shopping centers often have to deal with birds building nests in the giant channel letters on their business facades. One technique they have to limit birds is to add bird-proofing nets above the signs or awnings. These installations often go beyond the scope of a sign company’s work; however, other third party companies offer these installation services.