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Companies large and small are now turning more and more to wayfinding systems to help visitors, customers, and employees alike navigate their halls, as well as to represent their brand.

A well-implemented wayfinding system can provide many benefits for your business.

What are Wayfinding Systems?

Wayfinding at its most literal is just that: signs that help you find your way. If you’re in a hospital and you’re looking for where to go most likely you’ll be guided, at least in part, by a wayfinding system. College campuses, large businesses, schools, and government offices almost always have some sort of information system and/or wayfinding.

What’s the value of Wayfinding for my brand?

Unum mural

Wayfinding is not just a way to help customers and employees alike find their way while on your properties. In fact, when used fully wayfinding signs can also help represent your brand and help your property stand apart from any neighboring/interconnecting properties. Wayfinding systems can say more than just “you’re here”, with murals, similar color palettes that fit your brand, or even just the font and style of the interior signs.

ADA Wayfinding Signs:

ADA signage for Restroom

While not all businesses are required to be ADA compliant, many of these larger businesses and offices will need to, or choose to, install ADA signage to improve accessibility for all visitors, customers, and employees. Government offices and schools are generally required to comply. ADA Wayfinding signs include not only braille lettering, but also high contrast colors and larger fonts to help with visibility and readability.

We do ADA signage so if you need compliant signs we’ve got you covered!

Case Study: Unum

unum entryway

Unum came to Ortwein Sign with a need for ADA/Interior Signage/Environmental Signage for their campus in Chattanooga, TN. We worked with Gensler Architecture, the design firm Unum hired, to create signs matching their needs and specifications.

All in all this project included the manufacturing and installation of directional (not wayfaring) signs, interchangeable presentation sign systems, murals, window graphics, and over 600 ADA signs.

Ortwein Sign was chosen for this sizable project for our:
• Quality
• Communication
• Information Management Skills
• Excellent Signs

We can work with design / architecture firms or our team can design your ADA / Interior Signs for you!