Though we’re still in the heat of summer, very soon we’ll be preparing for long, dark, cold nights. While that means getting out those coats from storage, it also means making sure your business is ready for those dark months. In particular, now’s a great time to plan ahead by checking on your signage. Here we have a checklist of what you should do to winter proof your signage.

Winter Preparation Business Sign Checklist:

  1. Does your business sign light up as expected?

You may have to drive by your store in the evening, but if you expect your sign to be lit at night then make sure to see if the sign’s lit up?

  1. Is all of your sign lighting up?

Similarly it’s not just important enough to see if your sign lights up but see how much of your sign lights up. If it’s just a letter out that’s still an issue but it may signal a different problem than if the entire sign isn’t lighting.

  1. If you have a timer or solar switch, is it working?

If you have an exterior lit sign then it’s very possible you have a timer or solar switch. This is a good time to double check that they are working effectively, as they’ll become more essential as we get into the darker days of winter.

Optional (But Helpful):

While you’re examining your lit signs, be sure to check your other exterior signs as well including vinyl, pan face, tenant panels, monument and pylon signs. Though these may not all be lit, it’s possible that overtime the signs may have faded, become damaged or weathered, or perhaps you realize your signage is no longer effectively marketing your business.

Next Steps:

If the answer is no to the first three questions, then it’s time to call a sign company to assist with your needs. An excellent service time, as we have at Ortwein Sign, can help get your signage working for you again. A business that looks closed will lose customers.

Non-lit Exterior Signs:

If you see that your non-lit signs need repairs, refacing, or even rebranding, then again you should call a skilled sign company such as Ortwein Sign to help your business signage effectively market your company.

LED Retrofit:

Often when we are already repairing the lighting in a sign, you will find it is a good opportunity to convert your fluorescent lighting. This can provide cost savings for years to come, as well as more safety and stability as LEDs are generally more resilient. So whether you have an old sign needing LEDs to replace their fluorescent/neon, or even parking lot lights, we can help you save money with a retrofit.