As businesses open back up after the novel Coronavirus and more people venture back out into the community, there has never been more of a need for businesses to implement measures to keep employees and customers alike healthy and safe. To achieve this, businesses have turned to products including antimicrobial sneeze guards, screen protections, and other such protective devices.

As hot of a commodity as Lysol has been since March, another material kills bacteria, and it is called Antimicrobial Protection.

What is Antimicrobial? 

When there is moisture present, the antimicrobial screen protector releases silver ions which bind to cellular enzymes to a microbe. Microbes have a negative surface charge, the silver ions with a positive charge are drawn towards them, disturbing the electrical balance which results in the bursting of cell walls, destroying the microbe. 

In other words that most of us can understand, antimicrobial fights germs and destroys them!

As more companies implement “sneeze guards” also known as protective barriers, it is important to help customers and employees feel protected and welcome. 

The VSI barriers are ideal for:

  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Gas Stations
  • Grocery Stores
  • Nail Salons
  • Many Others Where Customers & Employees Interact

Antimicrobial screen protectors have been used in medical practices for years to shield workers from germs and viruses transmitted by infected customers. But these glass shields are now apart of the new normal. Whatever that new means for you and your business, screen barriers are seen as an essential way to ensure customers and employees feel safer.

Customized Branding

We can customize them for you with your branding. They are also created to have an architectural feel. This is done by custom designing them with printed logos and graphics as well as anodized aluminum attachments. These customized features give off a welcome look compared to the plain, wooden ones. They can also help keep a clean look and allow the business to print specific information on them. 

Where can these be implemented in your business? 

  • Commercial Monitors
  • Personal Devices
  • Touch Screen Surfaces
  • Dry Erase Boards

Why Can’t I just Lysol or Bleach Non-Microbial Surfaces?

Common cleaners can damage touch screen devices. Antimicrobial surfaces can actually lengthen the lifetime of products, especially touch screen devices used for your business. Therefore purchasing them is not simply a one-time cost but instead an investment in your business.

Benefits of purchasing Antimicrobial Protectors:

-Impact Resistance – will not shatter like other glass protectors

-Can be cleaned with bleach or non-bleach cleaners

-Custom-fit to your devices

-Extends the life of screens

-Lifetime Warranty


Call us today to discuss how we can help serve your business in maintaining a healthy atmosphere with custom antimicrobial protection!