In the Spring of 2024, a representative from Amaero, an Australian company that produces titanium alloy powder, reached out to us at Ortwein Sign to fabricate signage for their new headquarters. It had been previously announced in 2023 that the company would be moving its headquarters from Australia to Cleveland, TN, instead of its potential other locale the United Arab Emirates. WIth the plant’s development there’d be the promsise of 100 new jobs for the Bradley County community, as well as the exciting addition of Amaero to the newly established Spring Branch Industrial Park.

Our team at Ortwein Sign previously developed signage for the Spring Branch Industrial Park in Cleveland, TN,including a solar powered monument sign that serves as a welcome beacon for employees and visitors to the park. (To learn about the full story behind this sign, please read our case study here:

This time our team was tasked by Amaero to fabricate two signs, one wall-mounted and one monument sign, to sit at their new site’s facility. Our team designed and fabricated both signs while using the company’s branding to adorn the signage. In May 2024, we installed both signs at the site for Amaero.

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