Over the past decades, LED signage has overtaken fluorescent bulbs, and other traditional bulbs, as far as the primary type of lighting for signage. As such LED is everywhere now from Channel Letters to LED powered Electronic Messaging Centers (EMCs) and more. However, with any new technology, there are often misconceptions about the costs, uses, and variability of such advances. We breakdown some of the more common misconceptions about LED signage, and we provide answers to hopefully help clarify these presumptions.

Are LED Signs More Expensive?

One of the primary assumptions about LED signage is that its too expensive to institute for a typical business. However, though LED signage can be somewhat more expensive on the front end, a price that’s surely to go down with market forces as its adoption is wider used, its benefits long-term make up for these initial costs. Specifically the efficiency of LED light, as well as the lower costs of mainteance, means LED signage helps earn its keep through its lifetime.

Are LED Signs Too Bright?

The brightness of LED signs can be adjusted, allowing for brighter signs at night, and less so in the day, as needed.

Are LED Displays Too Complex to Understand?

LED displays are designed increasingly to be as user friendly as possible, with software and interfaces designed to be understood by most laypersons.

Do LED Signs Last Longer Than Traditional Signs?

LED signs are known for their durabilitiy, especially those developed with solid state technology which means there are no moving parts that can break. Though conditions can vary with weather, they are often known to last longer than traditional signage in various weather conditions.

Can LED Signs Display Only One Color or Multiple Colors?

LED signs can be setup to display a variety of colors. Increasingly as LED technology continues to improve as well, the ability to present vibrant, dynamic, colors is enhanced year after year.

Are LED Signs Really Energy Savers?

Yes, LED signs are more efficient than traditional signage, and as the technology improves even further this will improve with each advancement in technology.

Future of LEDs

LEDs in a short time have really taken over in the signage industry; however, with thes benefits of efficiency, durability, and control, its understandable why. As technology continues to evolve we’ll been keeping an eye on how LEDs improves even further, and what new technologys that may arise that will impact the sign industry.