At Ortwein Sign, we are approached year-round for signage for gifts for birthdays, weddings, and Christmas. Often these requests are for a custom letter or sign to be fabricated, especially a neon sign, for their loved one’s office, ‘man cave’, or wedding. Till December 2022 though we’d only ever been approached by people looking for signage for adults. That changed however when we received a call from a mother looking in early December for a sign for her son who, she’d let us know, was our biggest fan. Their commute often took them by our shop, where they could both see the signage at our shop, along with our electronic display featuring photos of our signs. Thanks to his commutes, and his natural inquisitiveness on how things work and function, he’d become enamored by the look and design of our signs.

We were certainly hoping we could help this family; however, as we were already fast approaching the holiday season, a time when many of our crew takes vacation time to spend with their family, we were uncertain if we could fabricate a sign in time for a Christmas delivery. However with the prompt work of our managers, who were inspired by the young man’s love of signage and appreciation for our team’s work, they were able to get the ball rolling.

Dubbed internally Operation S.E.A.N., after the young man’s name, our team fully got behind the work for this family. Even so we knew it’d still be a race against time even with the prompt work of all parties, as more of our team were taking off by the day. However thanks to the quick work of our team, from our shop manager, to our designers, our project manager, our production crew, and everyone in between, we were able to fabricate and hand off the sign three days before Christmas!

Sean’s mother sent us a wonderful photo of Sean with the sign, and we couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished in this short time, and most of all we felt incredible pride seeing a fellow enthusiast of signs get exactly what he wanted for Christmas – an Ortwein Sign sign.