At Ortwein Sign, we have the capabilities and the know-how to ensure your experience working with us is a treat. Sadly for many businesses their experience working with other sign companies feels more like they’ve been let down or “tricked”.

Here at Ortwein Sign we live the difference between what some sign shops are and what sign shops should be. Here are just a few of the treats of working with Ortwein Sign for your sign needs.

Treats we provide as our standard practices and customer service:

  • Ortwein Sign has the capability to design and fabricate your sign in-house, which will save time and money on subcontractors.
  • Our sales team understands the required permits and they go the extra mile to ensure your signage meets all the municipal codes.
  • If you’re a lessee, we help ensure that your sign fits the requirements, should they exist, of your landlord.
  • As a UL certified sign shop we have the needed license to ensure your signs meet modern electrical standards.
  • We value a transparent process, so we’ll show you the art, designs, and our process so you know what you’re expecting with your custom sign build and installation.
  • Our support of you and your business doesn’t end at the sale. Not only will we service the signs we’ve built for you, but we’ll also service signs built by other companies.
  • Ortwein Sign’s in-house neon plant allows us to fabricate and service new and vintage neon signs.
  • Our design team takes the time to ensure our sign design fits your branding, catches the eyes of passersby, and is legible and visible as well to provide the most value to you.

We hate to hear from so many clients that they worked with a company and “the sign wasn’t what they wanted”. This looks bad on our industry as a whole. We strive to be a leader in our industry, and to do that we prioritize our clients needs. Let us be your sign partner for all your interior and exterior signage needs!